St Botolph's
                   Ted Hughes
Our magazine was merely an overture
To the night and the party. I had predicted
Disastrous expense: a planetary
Certainly, according to Prospero’s book.
Jupiter and the full moon conjunct
Opposed Venus. Disastrous expense
According to that book. Especially for me.
The conjunction combust my natal Sun.
Venus pinned exact on my mid-heaven.
For a wait-and-see astrologer—so what?
Touch of a bat’s wing easily exorcised.
Our Chaucer would have stayed at home with his Dante.
Locating the planets more precisely.
He would have pondered it deeper. What else? I left it
For serious astrologers to worry
That conjunction, conjunct my Sun, conjunct
With your natal ruling Mars. And Chaucer
Would have pointed to that day’s Sun in the Fish
Conjunct your Ascendant exactly
Opposite my Neptune and fixed
In my tenth House of good and evil fame.
Our Chaucer, I think, would have sighed.
He would have assured us, shaking his sorrowful head,
That day the solar system married us
Whether we knew it or not.

   Stars and Destines


第一部 Jeff Streeter氏(下記参照)による文学レクチャー


Prologue: Keats & Hyperion


  1. Chaucer & Shakespeare and their times

  2. The Decline of Magic?

  3. The return of magical thinking – late 19th century

    – reasons – less belief in progress?

  4. Eliot & Yeats – contrasting modernists

  5. Ted Hughes – The Birthday Letters and Billy Collins

    “Horoscopes for the Dead”



第二部 辻 一花 占星学レクチャー

  1. シルヴィア・プラス Sylvia Plath

    &テッド・ヒューズ Ted Hughes



  2. ベートーベンの交響曲第九番作曲における天体配置

ジェフ・ストリーター氏 (Jeff Streeter)イギリス大使館文化参事官、ブリティッシュ・カウンシル駐日代表(2015年迄)。ヨーロッパや中南米、アジアで要職を歴任。オックスフォード大学卒。文学、とりわけウィリアム・バトラー・イェイツに造詣が深く『ウイッチクラフト 秘められた歴史』の著者マイケル・ストリーター氏と実兄弟。今回は占星学と文学について、チョーサーの時代から現在までの流れを、詩の紹介を交えながらレクチャーして頂いた。